1and1 web hosting: e-commerce? magento development

Hi . Does anyone here have experience with 1and1 eshop?
I am thinking of purchasing 1and1 hosting plan to create an ecommerce site.

Please provide detailed instructions on how I can go about making this happen.

1. List of things I would need to do to get this site up and running.

2. Technical stuff I would need to know (I have experience in web development, but i have no exp. with ecommerce.). Would I need to do some development work or is the eshop template they provide basically the entire site and you just have to plug in your logo, content, etc. is this relatively straightforward to do?

3. List of other stuff to know like how to set up the payment process. How would I link my bank account (e-merchant account?) to the ecommerce site to accept payment, etc. Not familiar with this process and would appreciate detailed explanation.

Please help.. not just put up a link to some web hosting site and say all the answers are there. Thanks in advance

Answer by SDD
I don’t have experience with that particular product, but my experience with 1 and 1 on other products is horrendous. Horrible service. High level of down-times. A “technical support” function that consists of saying “we apologize” in different manners of broken English.

Answer by Blake L
I don’t have experience with that particular product, but my experience with 1 and 1 on other products is horrendous. Horrible service. High level of down-times. A “technical support” function that consists of saying “we apologize” in different manners of broken English.

Answer by damselfly
I can sell you one of my websites from stores online if you like it has all those tools and live support I have 3 of them and have not got any up and running. except to play with..I am just slightly challenged in that department which really makes if fun.. not funny.
seriously if you want to buy it……I will sell it for what it cost.

Magento templates (14) 1and1 web hosting: e commerce?  magento development

Iam very VERY confused on how to do this: I need to make a database driven ecommerce site and not sure how to do this ? Iam learning sql now. But do I buy a template that I can customize or do I make the entite site from scratch ?

If I do but a template on template monster .com , do I just add a shopping cart and cms , ect….?

Can you pleae tell me in ORDER how to begin this ? ( this is my first site)


Answer by gandalfoo
Why reinvent the wheel!?

With Joomla, Virtue Mart and a web hosting service that gives you php/mysql an apache webserver on a linux server, that is all you need…and in less than 1 hour you can have a fully functional e-commerce site…or any other site.

Joomal.org get the latest joomla software (FREE, always being updated, improved, full of community forum support and documentation)

extensions.joomla.org has THOUSANDS of free extensions (i.e. Virtue Mart) that will give you a fully functional e-commerce component for joomla that you can install in under 5 minutes.

and there are thousands of webhosting services out there…
dreamhost, mediatemple, netfirms, godaddy, etc…

and look on google for free joomla templates…
or join a template club…I recommend joomlart.com and rockettheme.com

The rest is self-explanatory.

Good luck…

You won’t even have to know how to program anything…
but you can further customize if you do know css, php, mysql and javascript….but not required.

Answer by thestorez
Start reading some white papers online, also read some books like http://www.thestorez.com/index.php/1-hour-website-120-professional-web-templates-skin-8126511184-bjgjmioqik.html

Alternatively, choose from good open source shopping carts like http://www.zen-cart.com/

The book by Dhruv Nath, Professor, Management Deveopment Institute, Gurgaon is also very good to get the basics of e-commerce in India:

Answer by two pi
I certainly can tell you in order how to do this. In fact, I did, but it took up about 900 pages. I don’t think Yahoo will let me reproduce the entire book here. My publisher wouldn’t be so happy about it either, but you can have all my notes and examples for free even if you don’t buy the book (see link below.)

You can definitely do this. Most of the tools you need are free (and included in my book’s CD-ROM,) and it’s something that isn’t too difficult to learn, but it is time-consuming.

The real question is whether learning web development is more important than your core business. Learning the skills you will need to build this site yourself will probably consume between months and years of your time. It might make more sense to invest in a web developer who can help you get started quickly and then let you take over the site when it’s established. (Now that you mention it, I can do that for you cheaply – often under $ 500 – depending on your specific needs.)

Whether you want to learn how to build your site or you’d prefer I build one for you, drop me a line through yahoo or visit my site:



I’m looking forward to hearing from you…

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Web Design & Web development? oscommerce templates

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Answer by Nitesh G
Your work is really cool!! Maybe I might contact you for some of my web projects. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Magento templates (29) Web Design & Web development?  oscommerce templates

I am a small business owner and am having a really hard time trying to get a website up and running. I am looking for a web host that could provide me with a nice looking template that is completely customizable. I need a basic template with a page to display a portfolio and also a place to buy my art so I might need to add in some ecommerce later, but for now I might be able to use PayPal. I don’t have a lot of time and would still like to design the site off of the template so I need easy tools to work with. I have a graphic design background and am used to designing in Illustrator and Photoshop so this is something that is simple to me and lets me add anything I want. Is there any web host or providers that provide low prices and great service w/ customization tools and great templates, choices and marketing tools?

Answer by UnrealHawk
I make websites for my gaming clans. and the best ones that have mostly what you want are

1 – moogo

2 – freewebs

3 – yola

4 – http://www.fatcow.com/fatcow/special-promo.bml?offer=moopon

over all, I like fat cow.

Max – age 14

Answer by David M
My recommended service:


Another service:


Hope this helps.

Answer by Shaun
you need to go to http://www.sdhinternet.co.uk – £1.99 per month hosting included with that is loads and loads of templates for business etc.

Is it better to have a new site made or Buy a template and ? magento development

have someone customize it? What is the very best way to do this for an ecommerce site that needs some custom features?

If I buy a template does it have anything to do with the search and optimization ? I heard that tempaltes are not searched as good in google…is this true?

Please tell me the very best way to do this for a new business?? Thanks

Answer by Derran G
it’s all down to what you want really. Templates will needs to be customised and if they are the designer might as well optimise your meta tags so you can be found easier in google.

Having one made for you will be more expensive but will be exactly what you want.

Answer by hosker4u
Its always better to get a bespoke template for your organization. This will result in search engines not thinking your “just another clone” and rank you less.

It will also increase your chances of other organizations linking to your website, as it is something different.

The main benefits of a bespoke template, is that it is tailored to your requirements. They can be made to suite the best organization for your ecommerce increasing your keywords.

It is important, that you get a template created properly ensure that it is compatible and correctly coded.You done want any HTML bugs, especially if your paying for it.

Some tips for successful bespoke design is to ensure designer uses:
– Little Javascript & Tables
– Have a maximum of 20 Images at small file size per page.
– Use of CSS in the design of your website
– Ensure it meets website standards (& works in all browsers)
– Stick to a color scheme, I was taught 3 colors but up to 5 suite most.

You can try websites like 99designs.com to get a website tailored to your needs.

Answer by jalford12
You can start with a template and then get a bespoke site built for you.

You need to spend time on how you want the public to perceive your business, this means designing a logo, a “theme”, and the general look of your company. Your letter headers, logo, stationary, website should have a common look and design. Spend time on the early decisions on the look and the rest will fall into place.

Make sure that whoever builds your site builds for loading speed and the design makes for intuitive navigation, that way your potential customers won’t get frustrated and turn away.

Magento templates (17) Is it better to have a new site made or Buy a template and ?  magento development


i am hoping to get some advice regarding joomla and e-commerce.

i have been using joomla for some time and have played around with virtuemart and even have a store template from template plazza but i have been hesitant to set up a live online store since i feel somewhat uncertain about the security and overall functionality of virtuemart.

do you guys think it’s a good idea to use virtuemart for eccomerce on a joomla site or is it better to do the ecommerce through some other platform and just have the website in joomla?

i need to make a decision soon what eccomerce option to go with since i have someone that wants me to build them an store.

any advice will be appreciated.

Answer by Fordry
I don’t have much direct experience with virtuemart but I have been tinkering with Joomla for a few years, I haven’t heard much bad stuff about it, i think its trustworthy as far as any security holes and that sort of thing goes. Just be sure to setup the ssl server stuff for the order pages and you will be fine with it i think.

Answer by john h
security can be through your credit card processor such as google they offer choices as to how you handle credit card information and some dont require ssl. Here are the rules for google just make sure you follow them and all will be well.

Answer by hollaa
Joomla is now glowing for ecommerce. Also with the more devolopers worddpress now do more the what they are doing.
Magento solution now popular to. All this you can set up a estore with the openscource . I know that Gonanala Ultimate Magento Theme are the best magento theme good for those guy.

You can easy get it for your virtuemart.


i have a website hosted by yahoo but template for site came from somewhere else — can’t find the wysiwyg editor on my webpage…please help! (obviously i’m a novice icon smile Is it better to have a new site made or Buy a template and ?  magento development

Answer by akolag
You need to call Yahoo web hosting support, on go to yahoo help page for web hosting. It shouldn’t be complicated when signing into your ecommerce website for editing.

where to get joomla 1.5 portfolio template ? magento development

i have started a business site i want a best free business template please any one tell me where we can get the best.

Answer by neklusus
for commercial: http://www.rockettheme.com/

for free: http://www.siteground.com/

good luck!!!

Answer by Toni Arnold
If you want i will bonus a free template joomla. Visit http://www.themestemplate.net and choose it.
Send mail to: support@themestemplate.net with content include link this answer.
Have fun!

Magento templates (18) where to get joomla 1.5 portfolio template ?  magento development

How can I convert 2.5 joomla! template to 1.5??!!!

Answer by Robust Public Option

I downloaded a free template and i am changing some of the default images to suit what i want, and so far the only way i can find to preview this is to upload it to joomla and install and preview, making a lot of changes a really tedious task, which would be impossible to do without internet. So bascially i am looking for a way or a program that will let me preview changes i make to a template offline. Thanks I have joomla 1.5.25 if tht helps.

Answer by Aca Maca
Go here and purchase Artisteer Standard Edition: http://www.artisteer.com/?p=purchase. That’s all you need.

What CMS would you recommend which can incorporate small ecommerce sales of downloadable goods? magento development

Currently the site has been using cmsmadesimple and works fine. I now have a request to include downloadable goods. I was looking at drupal (ubercart) as I have some drupal experience, magento (currently no downloadable goods), or opencart

Maybe there are other solutions that are simple. The main criteria:

Must also be a CMS that can manage media content and page/post editing
Easy to manage
Open Source
Easy to Theme
Downloadable and Shippable sales
Credit card and paypal

Answer by Matt
I would recommend Joomla (joomla.org). It’s a very powerful CMS and what makes it a little bit above the rest is it’s community support. There is a flotilla of extensions and plug-ins available.

I got started in CMS with PHP-nuke years ago and eventually moved onto Drupal. It just seemed a bit rough to me so after playing with Joomla, I became hooked.

Answer by Mangi
The best open source CMS as of Now will be Magento and OsCommerce
I find Magento to be the best and less time consuming to customize or adding features.

Magento link: http://www.magentocommerce.com

OsCommerce Link: http://www.oscommerce.com/

Although there are lots of E-commerce CMS I found these two to be the best.
Here is another link that explains E-commerce CMS

Answer by Ebenezer
I haven’t used Drupal personally but know some people who have and they recommend Drupal eCommerce 4. There’s no demo online but it says it supports all the payment methods you were asking for and also supports downloadable products.

I’ve used the Joomla! CMS for years now with great results. They recenntly released version 1.5 that greatly enhances the usability of the software. There’s no built in eCommerce but I’ve heard that the VirtueMart Component is pretty popular. There are several other eCommerce addons located in the extension directory if you’d like to compare them all before deciding.

Joomla is extremely easy to configure and install, there’s countless free/paid themes you can pick up as well but if you know some HTML and have a design you should be able to create your own. I know that Joomla has multilingual support but couldn’t find any specific documentation that it’s available using VirtueMart. It does, however, support PayPal and Credit Card purchases as well as several other configurable payment methods. Both Joomla and VirtueMart are open source.

Hope that helps!

Magento templates (19) What CMS would you recommend which can incorporate small ecommerce sales of downloadable goods?  magento development

IT guy is holding my business hostage, what to do? magento development

Hello, I have a strange situation brewing and need some expert insight. I try to give all the details, hopefully not too many…

I own a website store, and 6 domains to go along with it. I pay $ 150 a month to a man (I’ll call him Jack) for hosting. I also paid Jack $ 5,000 to set everything up a year ago. Recently, I hired a designer (Sara) to work on the site. Turns out, Jack knows Sara and doesn’t like her. Wednesday night, Jack changed the administrator passwords to my website (Magento) and to my host (domains, email, databases, etc). I can’t do anything with my store, nothing. I can’t even move it elsewhere, Jack has the backups. Jack is refusing to allow access until I fire Sara and pay him a yet-to-be-disclosed amount of money.

This literally came out of nowhere, Jack has ignored all calls and emails until today. I had no idea this was a personal problem until a few hours ago, when Jack gave me his demands. Sara is amazed, as she has not spoken to Jack in over a year.

I don’t know much about the Internet and law; is this legal? Is this blackmail? What should I do next?

Other info:
I have no contract with Jack. I have no outstanding bills with Jack. I found out Jack just uses a $ 20 bluehost account for my site. I like Sara and would like to keep her around. Jack and Sara live on opposite ends of the country. Jack double-crossed Sara long ago on a business project and got her removed from it, so he could get her cut, in Sara’s absence the project went sour -that’s his problem with her (crazy). I’m losing around $ 1,000 a day until this is resolved.

Thanks in advance, I always get great insight here!

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
Inform Jack that what he has threatened by email is blackmail. That your next step will be a lawyer filing suit against him.

Answer by Fried Kitten
You definitely need a lawyer.

It appears that Jack is obstructing you from conducting your business.

A parallel would be for Jack to weld the front door of your store shut.
If you can’t enter your store you can not sell your product to customers.
Jack should be liable for your losses.

You should call the police and file a report just to have on record when this ordeal began. It may become important in recovering money for your daily losses.

If the bastard owns property you can sue him and ultimately a lien can be put on his property to be liquidated so that you can be compensated.

Don’t hesitate; go to the police tomorrow morning.

Magento templates (16) IT guy is holding my business hostage, what to do?  magento development

Hi i am getting a young ball/royal python soon, and with it a wooden vivarium.. could you please tell me/give me a list of things i need, like i know i need hides, plants, thermometers and stuff but could you give me info on the kinds of bulbs i should use/that you use… eg. the wattage, the colour…red/blue/white heat bulbs…stuff like that, also should the heat pad go in OR outside the wooden viv?… heres a link to the viv i am getting… btw i am irish so it explains the website LOL http://www.emeraldislereptiles.co.uk/magento/vx-vivarium-by-vivexotic-7.html

Answer by Skywalker
They are nocturnal, so many people don’t provide a bulb and use an undertank heater instead. You don’t have to use bulbs, but if you want you can use a nice nightbulb, black is the best choice. Red bulbs can also be used. White bulbs are daylight bulbs and as these snakes are nocturnal, I wouldn’t use them. The wattage doesn’t matter, it’s based on the amount of heat it gives and the temperature of the tank. No UVB lighting is required.
This is a list of things you will need.

30-40 gallon aquarium with a locking screen top
Humidity gauge
Hide box (or two)
Heat mat
Humidity box
Water dish
Driftwood and plants

These are just some of the basics. Go do more research about ball pythons to learn about how to take care of them.

Answer by Jay
Don’t believe for a second that taking care of a Royal Python will be easy. It takes up a lot of time and responsibility, and if you are not completely dedicated to the care of the animal, the task will be done poorly. As for requirements, their are plenty, however quite easily acquired. You will definitely be needing things in which the royal can conceal itself. These things can include either a half-log or a cave. I would advise that you have one on one end of the vivarium that is heated, where the royal can safely retreat after feeding. This will surely provide the proper heating needed to digest its food. On the other end of the vivarium you should provide another half-log or cave which is not heated. This is in case the royal cares to lower its body temperature for whatever reason. I like to use artificial vines and grapevine logs with artificial plant decor in my enclosure to ensure that my royals can be comfortable in their habitats. You can purchase these accessories in your local pet stores. I use indoor/outdoor carpeting which can be found in your hardware stores, such as Lowe’s. You can also use vivarium liner which can be found also, at your local pet store. I would advise that you have a digital thermometer/hygrometer, as well as two thermometer meters within the enclosure. The digital thermometer/hygrometer will enable you to monitor ambient air temperature, and humidity levels within your royals environment. One thermometer meter should be placed in the center of the inside enclosure, and one should be placed in the heated hide, to monitor a basking area. I would advise that you also have another separate humidity meter in the enclosure to use as a back up in case the digital doesn’t read. You should use Exo-Terra heat pads; two covering the underside of half the enclosure. Also acquire an Exo-Terra Heat Lamp, with a 60 watt red heat bulb. And again, all these things can be found at your local pet stores.

Answer by volturi33
Like Skywalker said, lightbulbs aren’t necessary. The heating pad should be kept under the tank, or, if you are willing to spend the money, there are special snake type tanks with built in heating pads. There are a few things you can do to save money, though. Hides are really great for a python of any tipe to have. They are naturally very shy creatures, you see. You can just buy a plastic sand pail and cut a doorway type hole on one side of the upper portion, since the pail will rest upside down. Snakes love places to hide. A favorite of my snake is his vine of fake twisted ivy. He also likes the soft woodn chips we keep at the bottom of his tank. For your snake to survive he obviously needs water. This is not just for drinking, but to create the necessary humidity in his tank. I strongly recommend a temperature read out that has humidity read out too, since they will also die if the temperature or humidity falls or rises out of their zone of tolerance.

I hope this helps, I was glad to answer your question. icon smile IT guy is holding my business hostage, what to do?  magento development

Good, cheap, sturdy digital camera? magento development

I’m looking for a cmera like this; http://www.lonestardigital.com/DCS315/DCS315%20Camera.jpg this; http://www.hasselblad.com/media/337c7adc-0587-4774-8a14-53025d4ad38c-SWC_space.jpg or this; http://magento-themes.joomlart.com/jm_purity/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/c/a/canon-digital-rebel-xt-8mp-digital-slr-camera-1.jpg
For no more than $ 500 at the most. Must be sturdy!
Thanks Panacrea, I now know what it’s called =0) I would like a SLR camera.

Answer by slis594
the flip video is 123 dollers at best buy it is a video recorder and a cameria infesis on video it recors like a movie cameria with extream clariry and it usues a usb port to connect to your pc so no tinny cards needed

Answer by Panacea
You really should consider increasing your budget to $ 600 and getting a Nikon D60.



If you absolutely cannot go over $ 500, this camera comes in a lower resolution model, the Nikon D40.


Now, this is assuming you are looking for a digital SLR camera (like the ones you have pictured). A digital SLR camera primarily has interchangeable lenses. If you don’t care about that, you can get a very nice “standard” digital camera that is good for almost anything except specialized photgraphy.



This is probably the best non-SLR digital camera available right now. The lens (which cannot be changed out for anything else like you would with an SLR camera), has an incredibly broad range. Very high quality camera for the money.

This camera takes VERY nice standard photos. What it won’t do is macro or micro photography very well. It also is terrible at taking high speed action shots at night, without a flash. You couldn’t say, put a telephoto lens on this type of camera (although it has a rather powerful zoom). For these things, get the Nikon D60.

Answer by Regall L
For DSLR under $ 500.I recommend Nikon D40.
The D40 was my first digital SLR. Going back about a year, around this time in 2007, I was busy doing a lot of research on whether I should buy the Canon digital rebel XT, or the Nikon D40 (both of which are entry-level SLRs from the two leading camera manufacturers). I am glad now that I chose the D40. When it came down to it, both the D40 and XT were for the most part equally matched, in both price and specs. I chose the Nikon D40 simply because it felt like a more tough, less “plasticy” body. If you are currently caught in the same position that I was at the time, I urge you to go to some electronics store, and try both of the cameras out. Get a feel for them, and make your buying decision based on which one is more comfortable in your hands.

Price: $ 409.95


Magento templates (21) Good, cheap, sturdy digital camera?  magento development

Magento Extensions, Themes and Customization.


Answer by Wls Prakash
Yes i have used facebook ecommerce store setup. It is very good to list our products there.

Prestashop vs Magento for 5000 products? magento development

I have done a lot of research on this and am still unsatisfied. Magento is technically more powerful, however it is also expensive to develop and run due to the need for a powerful server. Prestashop is fast and light and user friendly. I only want a simple website, however I will have to customize the theme quite a bit and will ultimately have around 5000 products.

Answer by Mike Kranzler
PrestaShop has been independently tested to handle up to 1 million products. Whatever your server can handle, PrestaShop can handle as well. The themes are also very customizable, and there’s even a user guide for doing this.

Answer by Jaclyn
PrestaShop can handle 25k of products. It depends of your hosting company than shopping cart. I suggest you to use PrestaShop It’s the latest version. There’re no so much bugs. And I fond of this shopping cart because it’s simplicity and very user-friendly interface. Moreover, it has many useful and more cheaper extensions. You can try Store Manager for PrestaShop (http://www.prestashopmanager.com/) and save time managing your PrestaShop store.

Magento templates (16) Prestashop vs Magento for 5000 products?  magento development

Magento Extensions, Themes and Customization.


Share your opinion!

Answer by Mr. Tacki
“Best” is subjective.

eCommerce (Some Free):

Mal’s e-commerce is a FREE Shopping Cart Service: http://www.mals-e.com/
Free Shopping Cart Software for Joomla! & Mambo: http://virtuemart.net/
Create your own Online Store for Free with Free Webstore: http://www.freewebstore.org/
eCRATER.com is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace: http://www.ecrater.com/
Ubercart is an exciting open source e-commerce package that fully integrates your online store with Drupal: http://www.ubercart.org/

Free Shopping Cart Software: http://www.1freecart.com/
ShopSite Shopping Carts (Trial): http://www.startlogic.com/product/shopsitestarter.bml
osCommerce Online Merchant is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License: http://www.oscommerce.com/
Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software: http://www.zen-cart.com/

35 Free High-Quality E-Commerce Templates: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/01/25/35-free-high-quality-e-commerce-templates/


Which is best platform for ecommrce website development ? magento development

Which is best platform for ecommrce website development ?

Zen Cart

Answer by kb all the way
OsCommerce is pretty simple, and I’ve used it as well. However, I’ve found Tomato Cart to be much better than any other Ecommerce solution.

You can learn more in the source link I posted.

Magento templates (29) Which is best platform for ecommrce website development ?  magento development

I have searched a site for take knowledge of magento development but can u suggest me this is right or wrong please check http://www.perceptionsystem.com/magento-development.html this link and tell me

Answer by Two Fisted Truth
Magneto Development is Magneto’s construction company.

I dont think of any other french agency in India will offer best offshore open source development in India..

Hangar 17 is one of the french web agency in India (South India) offers wide range of services includes IT outsourcing, open source php and java development (like, Joomla, prestashop, ez publish, and more), E-commerce solution like Magento community and enterprise edition that easy for merchants to get ranking their website and increase the online sales, 2D 3D graphic design, professional website design and redesign services, Multilingual Search engine optimization (in French, English, Chinese and spanish..) to both local and international clients.

For more information log on this site http://www.hangar17.com

Answer by G
It’s nice thanks for share this information. Hear a site that can provide sum very deep information about it briefly. If you want more information all about E-commerce, Web site design, web development or any kind of information related with web technology than use webdesigningcompany.net site. This site is awesome for any kind of web development web information.

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Basic Magento development time? magento commerce

I am looking to develop an ecommerce website using Magento. I plan to purchase a theme that is already built and intended for Magento. I have my inventory in a sql database that can be converted to .csv and uploaded.

I am wondering how long to expect or anticipate for development time (in hours). Please share your experience. Looking for answers in man-hours (as opposed to total duration of time, ie weeks).

Answer by Jenifer Pavlova
it depends. once you puchase your template, you need to configure it. That takes about 1 to 3 days (depending on your knowledge of magento). Also, you need to think about the features and attributes. That might take anywhere from couple of days to a week.
Best thing to do is to set a plan, meaning that you take every page view, expl: catalog view, product view and check out. and think of all the features you want there. Then, talk to a professional to get accurate estimate. Product import takes very short time, once you configure all the attributes.

Answer by MissCyber
Any revisions you require made to the mock-ups will add time to the process. But other than that, a professional web developer will be able to have everything completed within 4 to 8 weeks minimum.

Magento templates (12) Basic Magento development time?  magento commerce

i’m eagerly waiting the response about this question ; web visitors, i need this to learn the techniques of all magento development

rambabu seo

Answer by single_minded
Check the following links,






similar question


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